Hello world!

Ok so uh··· I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with this site right now.

i may end up linking it to another site I have, just to create more space. We’ll see how this goes.

i like to take photos so I’ll probably be posting a lot of those. I take pictures of whatever really, nothing imperticular. I do however like to use a macro lens to capture images of really small objects.

I just think it’s neat to see all of the fine details in things that you normally wouldn’t notice if you weren’t really taking the time to pay close attention to them.

no one really stops to smell the roses, so to speak; any more. Everyone is always either in a big rush, too busy, just doesn’t care or has their face constantly stuck in a cellphone.

I think it’s important to just stop··· stop everything; pay attention to your surroundings, and especially to the details of what’s going on around you. It really is the little things that can make a difference and have such a big impact in someone’s life; even in the way they think and feel.

so I guess that’s what these photos really represent, for me anyway. A reminder for everyone to just stop··· stop what you’re doing and smell the roses. And take it all in··· the smell, the deep relaxing breath, the feeling of the soft velvety petals tickling your nose, the sounds of nature, and the sweet memories of days gone by or the inspiration for the days ahead that it may bring.

what could be more important than spending a little time to pay closer attention to the details that surround you?

I think this represents exactly what I'm saying here. Slow down. Do you notice the face on the shell?
I think this represents exactly what I’m saying here. Slow down. Do you notice the face on the shell?